African Student Film Festival Initiative is an annual Pan-Africa festival for emerging filmmakers and students. Film is very expensive, so many youth find it very difficult to start producing films. This festival, will not only help them in knowing how to make good films, it will also help youths in collaborating with other filmmakers across the globe.

They will also get funds for their film projects during pitching. There will be collaboration between invited producers and the best ideas to produce films or documentary on any interesting subjects.

It is a two days intensive training and workshop of various film making departments.

To serve as an essential venue for students filmmakers in Africa to exhibit their works,exchange ideas and further their professionalism as film and media makers.

To create a networking platform for skill development through workshops,seminars,screenings,women discussion forums and at the end of the day,awarding students for their works in our awards night. Students meeting with industry professional is also important to us; in order to create mentorship,internship and opportunities for the future.